12 for 2012

Marbles 2013 from Church Simplified

I’ve been going to Church Simplified for a year and a half now, and rekindled my faith as a Christian. Each end of the year, they send the congregation off with a glass filled with marbles – 52, one for each week of the year. The idea is that as each week passes, a marble is taken out of the glass to signify the week that we never get back.

So how were my marbles in 2012?

2011-2012 was a matter of self-preservation. Last year, especially, was the case of the terrible twos where things I never thought would fall apart, did.

But the miracle of 2012 was how love came in from the most unlikely places: through art that I thought I’d never be a part of, re-igniting friendships, places I never thought I’d visit again, and having someone stick by me through thick or thin.

Here’s my 12 for 2012:

1) A new love who shared the best and worst times with me.

2) A new job with fantastic people and exciting prospects.

3) Travel! Up mountains, down mountains, and even to far-off beaches.

4) Old-new friends in unlikely places.

5) Pitch Perfect.

6) Battalia Royale.

7) The tears and triumphs of a first web-docu.

8) Moving to a new city.

9) BB Cream, which led to a whole new morning grooming routine.

10) Being a guest at my first wedding – of an officemate.

11) New friends.

12) A new way to pray: by calling on God to have me fulfill His plans for me. That is life-changing.

I make no promises for 2013. I just open myself to all its possibilities, all its lessons, misadventures, laughter, and tears.

Happy 2012 everyone. Good vibes and prosperity to everyone.


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