Who and What

Marcissism is the official blog of Mia Marci. She writes about anything, really. The username is her first name spelled backwards.

mia at work, avenue of the stars hk

Mia is Filipino, born and raised in Manila. She spent two years in Jakarta, Indonesia where she finished high school. She went on to take up Creative Writing at Ateneo de Manila University, where she worked as much as she had fun. She was also a part of Ateneo Blue Repertory, where she started theater production with Merrily We Roll Along and High School Musical.

She came out of school a stage and production manager, everything that makes the show happen that people don’t see. She has done work for companies such as Atlantis Productions and Philippine Opera Company.

Mia also does copy and strategy for a digital marketing group, but her heart remains in literature and theatre.

In her spare time, she plays casual video games and watches stuff. The last 5 shows she watched were Twin Peaks, Black Mirror, The Misfits, Sherlock, Doctor Who (season 6).

You can contact Mia at myachi@gmail.com to get to know her, have her set-up a workshop for your friends or kids, manage your show, or even write for you. You can also view her portfolio at Mia Marci Ink.


4 thoughts on “Who and What

  1. Hi I am very impressed with your writing skills. I stumbled upon your blog when Ala Paredes posted your blog on Bernal.

    I want to see more of your work, and what you write, I want to learn from people who write well and are involved in theatre. However I don’t see any subscription feature in this website. Do you have any? I want to receive your articles via email.


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