Come, explore with us!

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be embarking on a 2-week journey throughout the Philippines with some colleagues and friends of the press. Follow our trail throughout the Philippines on our travel blog, Whee!Explore.


What are you thankful for this 2009?

For the most part, I’m thankful for surviving. I made pretty difficult decisions in the past several months, and while I’ve had to suffer socially and financially for these changes, it could have been worse.

I am thankful for very new experiences. This has been a “Yes I can!” year for me – I’ve taken on bigger responsibilities that I would’ve shunned last year.

I am very, very thankful for new friends that made my world a bigger, brighter place.

Now, I hope to get a moleskin planner to say thanks for.

I solemnly swear…

This is an attempt to update more often

My biggest problem with treating this blog as my professional portfolio is that I overthink it. Overthinking this means I have abandoned this, and locked myself away with a more diarrheal blog and indulged my already horrible masturbatory tendencies. I solemnly swear that I will at least attempt to update this once a week.

In the last month: Curly Hair and Weddings, oh my!

Let’s do this in pictures for a change.

Look, curly hair!

Styling done by Mahar Mangahas Hair done by Louis Philip Kee Salon, One McKinley Place, The Fort

I have commitment issues, but Philip Kee is one of the few men I remain loyal to. I actually feel guilty when I entertain the thought of getting my hair done elsewhere. In the case of the curls, it was either that or I just get a boring old maintenance cut to my dull, fine hair. While my best friends and very critical styling advisers insisted against it, it was Philip who took the chance. I have no regrets. My hair actually has character now!

Photo by HG Studios

The curls were done in honor of the wedding of one of my other close friend’s, which I somehow agreed to plan for. It was an exhilarating experience, to say the least. Weddings in the Philippines are more about the families involved than the couple, and that formula makes for a double-edged sword. At the end of the day however, it’s all about the union between two people who have found each other. Best wishes, Joy Alano and Honey Chua!

Yes, I can do weddings. If you, or you know of anyone who would like an excellent team of wedding planners and stylists, I can round them up for you. Feel free to email me at myachi at gmail dot com.

In the meantime though, I recover. I also left my more regular job teaching Europeans over the phone, so am in the strange lull at the end of the year. I am on the lookout for new rakets and am slowly organizing my tutorial services to market properly, so here’s hoping that picks up.

On the writing front, I also also been blogging at the Materia Girl tumblr account for less serious, fandom-based musings while twittering haikus. I also have a few articles up at Vibal Publications’ Philippine Online Chronicles. Since I left my more regular job, I’m hoping to focus more on the writing. Let’s see how that turns out.

For the meantime, this is a start.

A moment of noise, please

Yes, I know. It’s almost been a month. No excuses: my priorities shifted and it also takes a lot out of me to make a more coherent public entry. The continuation of my night out with the Top Chefs will follow, in time. Not right now, maybe not for a very long time, but in time, definitely!

To make the most out of your time here, here’s some mindcandy:


I am baffled and amused by how easily I can compartmentalize online. I have this wordpress for the sake of having an online writing portfolio, but I also have a locked blog for my more personal thoughts. I’ve also taken measures to have different social network pages, which is pretty tough to maintain as I work in circles that are tight-knit, personally and professionally. I’m a little embarrassed about asking them to add a colder, no-nonsense online profile when some of them have already seen me at my silliest. This is for the benefit of the jobs I hold that aren’t as tight though, and I do think of the children.

An active online presence has also proven to further complicate things. A “complicated” marital status adds a new dimension to the rise and fall of relationships. As someone once said, it really isn’t over until Facebook says so. If you’re online long enough, you’ll have to tinker with messenger settings, social network profiles, filtered blog entries, and all the rest. And heaven help your next few public entries, you can say no right or wrong. Even if you end up blogging about something as insignificant as cheese or water.

Thank God for Work

I was called in as a last-minute usher for 9Works’ production of Songs for a New World. I loved working with the people of 9Works Again, even if I was only posted at the front of house. After a good run, we celebrated the show’s closing with a cast party at Pontis and some Rock Band 2.

I have been juggling classes between my ESL program and the Creative Writing program, and I’m working on an upcoming production with Philippine Opera Company. Also, watch out for the next issue of Playground magazine for my feature article on XBX Katipunan!

starting up!

If you can figure out what ailaham means, you’re very astute or you’ve known me for a very long time!

I already have a few blogs to my name, but none of them are blogs I’d show off to the public. Since I’ll be teaching a blogging class in a few months, I figure it was time to put my online portfolio up. Starting with this!

So stick around, the journey’s just begun!