5 Songs for the Spirit

The biggest thing to happen to me in 2011 was the decision to take The Walk. I consider myself a progressive Christian: a lot of my views are deemed non-conventional, evidenced by my support for Mideo Cruz’s “Poleteismo”.

I believed in Christ, it was difficult to reconcile what I felt was right in conscience to what was being preached in churches I’ve attended over the years.

Then I found Church Simplified. Click the link and see for yourselves what it’s about. Maybe I’ll see you on Sunday?

The songs below are just some of the highlights of my journey through Christ thus far. For me, faith is a very personal journey, but wherever you are in your life – may these songs seek to uplift and inspire you.

After the Cut:

1) Gungor’s – “Beautiful Things”

You make beautiful things out of dust, You make beautiful things out of us


2) Sara Groves – “Painting Pictures of Egypt”

The place I was wasn’t perfect, but I had found a way to live,

It wasn’t milk or honey, but then neither is this


3) Jars of Clay – “Shelter”

May this place of rest in the fold of your journey, Bind you to hope

You will never walk alone


4) Steven Curtis Chapman – “Remembering You”

And I watch as the cold winter melts into spring, And I’ll be remembering You

and I’ll be remembering You, I’ll be remembering You


5) Jay Enrile – “Thank You”

Thank you for emptiness, thank you for rage

Thanks for confusion and the labyrinth it’s made

Thanks for denial, thank you for lust

Thanks for rejection and all the hurts from those I trust

Thank you that I haven’t heard the sweetest sound

Cause I know that’s the only way my knees will scrape the ground


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