[Day 19] A talent of yours

I would like to say storytelling, but it’s a talent I’m still trying to hone.

This calls for a writing sample. I wrote this as a copywriting exercise in the agency I used to work for. The challenge was to write a story based on this news article. I was also given this (rather disturbing) tribute as a peg. Isn’t it amazing how you can look as if you know someone just by tracking them online?

The instructions were: write about the incident, and it has to mention that the victim’s eyes were donated to the blood bank.

Part of the 30 Day Writing Meme. Next is Day 20: A Hobby of Yours.

Short Story: The Wake

Pa couldn’t sleep the night through, not since Josh, his son, died.
It was the second day of the wake, a good few hours after the guests left.

His wife, exhausted, slept in the chapel pantry. Pa decided to take a smoke outside the chapel, his breather from being surrounded by people and the sickening-sweet scent of funeral flowers.

He lit up a Marlboro Red. As he inhaled the first smoke, he realized he’d been a smoker for twenty years now. Funny, he mused, that he has yet to be diagnosed for anything more serious. He smiled at his own wit, which hurt.
He still expects his son to show up.

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RP612fic by Mia Marci

I participated in the RP612 twitter fiction movement to celebrate Philippine Independence day. Filipino tweeps contributed micro-fiction on twitter based on Filipino personalities and events. You can read the complete collection from other twitter users and myself here. My twitter username is miithinks.

Below are my contributions. It was the first time since forever since I last wrote fiction, let alone fiction that concise! It was really a fun, inspiring exercise in copy that made me fear my own mind.

The following twitfics are slightly revised from the original tweets. As a note, I am a fan and student of Ambeth Ocampo, which shows my approach towards Rizal and Bonifacio. References to actual persons are intentional, but it is largely a work of parody.

-(Dr. Who crossover) As the ink dried on the parchment, Rizal had one regret: he should’ve jumped into that blue box when he had the chance. (for my whotards, especially Yumi and Denice)

-“Soon, Ferdie, soon. After we link the OS to your body, Maharlika will rise again!”

-The second she opened the door, the maid swore she saw Hen. Luna and Bonifacio looming over Emilio in his last breath.

-My dearest Diego, these battles are for every time you sulked over my besting you at chess. Love, Gabi

-Angel L was surprised to see Rizal suited up & right under her window, holding a guitar. He gave a strum, “Uso pa ba ang harana?”

-“RH bill? Hell no. That means I’d have to register my services and get taxed.” harumphed the manananggal.

-In the nights lost to soothing a bawling, baby Kris, they all knew she would make a powerful weapon one day.

-Headline: Political dynasty reshuffling determined by a midnight playstation tournament of “Dynasty Warriors”. (for Billy)

-Maritess thought she had a better deal when she returned home, then laundered both Zaturnnah’s and Darna’s costumes.

-Overheard at Starbucks: “Ambeth O, dude, that was supposed to be an exclusive. Hijo de, I should have gone to Boy A instead!” -Pepe R

-Texts of the Revolution, August 30: “Hir n m. Wer n u? Sheht, ‘pre imba ng k0ny0!” -Andr3B0n1130 (This one’s for you, Sir Ambeth)

-The white lady has been seen on buses since the taxi fare hike.