I tried it! The KFC Cheesetop Burger

KFC Cheesetop burger should work for cheese lovers, in theory. I like my burgers, I love cheese, the idea wasn’t completely appalling. I wonder why most of the criticism came from people who enjoyed Luther Burgers and deep fried twinkies…

So I headed out to the neighborhood KFC to try it out.

This is what the Cheesetop looks like, unwrapped

I was warned by fastfood junkie friends who gave it a go that the cheese did not taste like cheese.

Upon unwrapping, there was more cheese than I thought, which I appreciated.

But after the first bite, the foodies were right, it had the consistency and flavor of plastic. Even Easy Cheese tasted cheesier than this.

For the curious, I was able to eat it like a normal burger, without the cheese sticking to my fingers.

Past the novelty of the cheesetop, it was just an ordinary chicken burger. Not something I’d order again, even for PHP50.

And dammit to hell, they phased out the double down for this.