[Day 21] A recipe

During the World 3 podcast days, we hosted a Geekfight guest round and gave a Hi-Potion away as a prize.

For a 1 liter bottle of Hi-Potion, the recipe was mostly based on the Smurfette cocktail. But with local ingredients.

I don’t measure according to portions, I just mix and taste until it gets traydor (treacherous, sneaky).

What I remember putting in:

-2 small bottles of Blue Bolt Gatorade

-A quart of GSM Blue

-Optional: a quart of vodka for an extra kick


Package it in a clear, curvy bottle for that extra effect.

May this liven up your geeky game nights. Have fun!


[Writing Meme] Day 6: Whatever catches your fancy

I am a workaholic because I don’t like being restless. I also like money a lot, like any person really. I don’t like being tied down by poverty, and I abhor being bored.

Of course, juggling labor-heavy jobs such as crew-work and teaching will take its toll on the body. I hate getting sick, and I should be taking my vitamins more diligently. Even when that doesn’t work, I can only hope to stave off the flu with home remedy I picked off a talk show during college. It’s what I like to call the anti-flu marinade.

Anti-Flu Marinade


(1/2) Cup Rock Salt

(1) Lemon wedge (can be replaced with 2-4 calamansis)

(1) Tablespoon of olive oil


Pour the rock salt into a small bowl, then mix in the olive oil. Squeeze in the lemon or calamansi.

How to use:

Scrub down with this mixture in a hot shower or bath. Rinse off.

You’ll feel refreshed right after. In my experience, if you do this during early symptoms of the flu (low fever, slight sniffles) it’s sometimes enough to keep it away.

So that’s what I’m doing now for a speedy recovery for the flu. I have tech week, bills to pay, and I need to be in tip-top shape!

Part of the 30 Day Writing Meme. Next is Day 7: A photo that makes you happy.