[Day 21] A recipe

During the World 3 podcast days, we hosted a Geekfight guest round and gave a Hi-Potion away as a prize.

For a 1 liter bottle of Hi-Potion, the recipe was mostly based on the Smurfette cocktail. But with local ingredients.

I don’t measure according to portions, I just mix and taste until it gets traydor (treacherous, sneaky).

What I remember putting in:

-2 small bottles of Blue Bolt Gatorade

-A quart of GSM Blue

-Optional: a quart of vodka for an extra kick


Package it in a clear, curvy bottle for that extra effect.

May this liven up your geeky game nights. Have fun!


[Day 20] A hobbie of yours

Pictures by the ever-lovely Rej Rosero.

Typo is not mine, I blame the original meme writer.

But yes, I am a geek. You can witness all fangirl geekery in its un-glory over at the fan tumblr. You can also catch me at Committee Geekfight once a month.

[Day 19] A talent of yours

I would like to say storytelling, but it’s a talent I’m still trying to hone.

This calls for a writing sample. I wrote this as a copywriting exercise in the agency I used to work for. The challenge was to write a story based on this news article. I was also given this (rather disturbing) tribute as a peg. Isn’t it amazing how you can look as if you know someone just by tracking them online?

The instructions were: write about the incident, and it has to mention that the victim’s eyes were donated to the blood bank.

Part of the 30 Day Writing Meme. Next is Day 20: A Hobby of Yours.

Short Story: The Wake

Pa couldn’t sleep the night through, not since Josh, his son, died.
It was the second day of the wake, a good few hours after the guests left.

His wife, exhausted, slept in the chapel pantry. Pa decided to take a smoke outside the chapel, his breather from being surrounded by people and the sickening-sweet scent of funeral flowers.

He lit up a Marlboro Red. As he inhaled the first smoke, he realized he’d been a smoker for twenty years now. Funny, he mused, that he has yet to be diagnosed for anything more serious. He smiled at his own wit, which hurt.
He still expects his son to show up.

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Viva Filipinas Futbol

Why football? Because, as the script says, the sport says so much about the Filipino spirit.

Sometimes, it’s that one goal that makes all the difference.

Co-written with Nikki del Carmen.

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“Football had come a long way from its home in England. 

The sport had won the hearts of those outside of Europe, even in parts of Asia. 

Japan and Korea are recognized leaders in the game, and most of Southeast Asia followed and loved the beautiful game.

But in the Philippines, it began with one team.

A team that sought to make a name for themselves, even when few else followed their sport.

While most of the country found their heroes and medals in basketball, boxing, or billiards, they kept on playing football. 

They trained, they played to win, even when they were ignored.  

Even when they hit their lowest, they never gave up. 

Then came 2010, the AFF Suzuki Cup.

They swept through the group stages, undefeated.

Then came the game when they conquered defending champion, Vietnam.

For the first time ever, in the history of the team, they reached the semi-finals.

The news hit home, word spread, the country finally took notice. 

They cheered! 

No longer ignored, more people tuned in to follow the team as they prepared for their semi-finals. Bars and restaurants filled with fans, new and old, wanting to catch a glimpse of the game.

To everyone’s dismay, they were defeated. But, it was only the beginning. 

They may have lost the tournament, but won an even bigger battle: the hearts of their countrymen.

They left the country as underdogs, but came home accepted by many as Filipino champions. 

A team which started out as nobodies came home heroes.

And at THAT moment, it felt that Football was here to stay.

And sure, what does the Philippines know about Football? 

Not a lot, definitely.

But just like that one team, we WILL persevere, and we WILL overcome.

Because THAT is who we are, THAT is our story.”


Film by Nikki del Carmen

Written by Nikki del Carmen and Mia Marci

VO by Ebong Joson, the Blue Haired Fanatic

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[Day 17] An art piece

It was the Merchant Ivory film adaptation of ‘Surviving Picasso’ that got me into Pablo Picasso. Guernica stands out, not just as one of Picasso’s most memorable body of work, but for the story behind it; Picasso was said to have made his wife and mistress fight for him while he finished the painting.

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[Day 15] A fanfic

Once upon a time, I read and wrote fanfiction. I was fourteen years old at the time, I found the school paper boring, and I was annoyed that Mulder and Scully from the X-Files didn’t get together. Oh those were the days.

No, I won’t be posting any of my old fanfics. That was a very different me and I’d like it to remain in the cache hell of the internet.

But while many can argue fanfic as being lazy writing, there are the few and proud that I personally think improved on the series and original canon, or just continues to feed that giddy, little shallow side of me between day job duties.

Off the top of my head, here’s one fanfic that got it right: (contains mature content!)

X-Files: “E.L.S.” by Dawson E. Rambo

Part of the 30-Day writing meme. Next is ‘Day 16: A song that makes you cry (or nearly)’.

Maybe this time

GMA News: PAGASA: Weather clear for November 9 asteroid ‘sighting’.

It seems silly to  take the word of a hit-or-miss weather bureau and a daily known for dipping into tabloid fodder. Yet as I while away in an office the end of the world seems all the more likely. Why not now, after all? We’ve survived plagues, technological breakdown, forces of nature…what’s one asteroid to end it all?

What would you do? A friend asked. Simple, I replied. I’d stop cramming. I’d finally write the poems I’ve been meaning to write, that treatment I’ve meant to finish, exorcise those scenes that have lived in my head since I was 12. I’d put them in a little tin box: the kind that seems to survive meltdowns. Whatever lives after the fall will be sure to find it.

Then I’d wander. Wonder what Manila would look like through graduation goggles? Traffic must seem so wonderful. It’s like a time paradox: funny how life goes on while you’re stuck in place. Trash would be so nice, evidence of a time it was relevant, when it smelled nice, when it was of use.

If I had the cash, hopping around Asia as a grand finale also sounds sublime. I’d be Lara Croft rolling through the ruins of Angkor, chasing after my own shadow. I’d be in search of the perfect pad thai and thai coffee.

Maybe I’d end it all at the topmost level of Borobodur in that deceptive quiet, napping against a stupa.

But no, home would be the best place to wait for The End. Exhausted after all that traveling, all that writing, with the blasted pets stepping all over me as I collapse into bed. Just a little extra to the ordinary.

Where will you be when the asteroid hits?