I’m looking for my missing piece

The best kinds of literature, or art for that matter, are the kinds that have so much more to say as time goes by.

I read ‘The Missing Piece’ by Shel Silverstein to my students today. It was cute enough for them, but they were puzzled by the message. “Why did it let the piece go when it found it? Why can’t it make up its mind?” They asked.

Not wanting to complicate their world just yet, I only smiled and just translated that to a broader idea, “What are things that make you feel complete? Have you found your missing piece? Or are you looking for it?”

For those unfamiliar with the book, there is a youtube vid that ‘animated’ the book to some pretty cheesy music. But you can just mute it and watch the video – the story and words are strong enough to stand on it’s own.

So for those who feel incomplete – in life, in love, or who just keep rolling along, pick up the book or watch the vid below.