We need a little Christmas: Mia’s Christmas Playlist

I live in the country with the longest Christmas season, and that gets damn tiring. I’m a humbug (I’d rather that term than ‘Scrooge’, indulge my frivolous wordplay) as soon as mid-October when the most bizarre Christmas mash-ups start blaring on public speakers.

I like the spirit of Christmas: ever since Mom died, and my sister and I have been distant, it’s deeply touching when almost everyone, no matter how short a time you’ve known them, opens their doors to you. I like the tradition of gathering. I want to do the same when time and space finally allows me to. For now, I humbly give offerings of feeling witty cards and sweets. It’s the very least I could do, though I wish that I could do more.

There are also the carols. Some carols, even at my crankiest anti-Christmas moods, gets me singing and smiling. It sometimes sees me through hellish traffic and terribly cramped MRT rides during the season.


1) We Need a Little Christmas – New Directions (Glee)

2) Last Christmas – New Directions (Glee)

3) Santa Can You Hear Me – Britney Spears

4) What Christmas Means To Me – Hanson

5) Snow Miser/Heat Miser from ‘The Year Without Santa Class’

6) Ateneo Chamber Singers Christmas performances

Youtube and tracks after the cut.

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