The Word of Mia: Wingmen vs. Kamikaze pilots

There are wingmen, and then there are kamikaze pilots. The wingmen make the opportunity happen like a good scene from a play. In tagalog layman terms, “May style”. In How I Met Your Mother, which popularized the term, a wingman opens with the classic, “Have you met ___”. The rest is up to you. It’s stylish, cool, and very sweet.

The Kamikaze Pilot on the other hand, finds out your crush, hijacks your cellphone while you’re talking to Crush, and says, “She likes you. What are you going to do about it?” The Kamikaze Pilot takes one for the team, and yeah, risks taking you down with him.

If the Wingmen play a board game approach to dating that includes making your monopolies for you, the Kamikaze Pilot plays the extreme sports doubles edition.

With thanks to Pepper Laforteza and Denice de Guzman for inspiring me to come up with these terms.