A Brand New Day

Say hello to my little friend…


I have been reconnecting with an old, dear friend on AOL, who referred me to Madi Ju’s photography and her “e-famous” Love Diary. I was so moved by the honesty and intimacy of the diary, I got inspired to start my own. To start, I got myself a new digital camera, the Nikon L10 you see above. I committed myself to the 365 Days project, except I’m not big on self-portraiture. You can see my “drabbles” in photography over at Kapilas at Tula (translated: Image and Poetry).

Also, a plug for my photography friend, the lovely Didang Alvarez, if you have any debuts or occasions that you’d like captured on camera, she’s your girl.

Life of the Party, or not

JM writes about having his wallet snatched at the recent Fete de la Musique.

Sorry to hear about your wallet, JM. I feel your pain.

I’ve been lucky not to have my wallet snatched in the last several years. Since the last time I got picked in high school, I haven’t put much personal possessions in my wallet. It feels sparse and dull, but it’s those trinkets that hurt the most in the event of loss. Among the trinkets floating somewhere out there is the only group picture of #pinoy_otaku, a letter from Sammi, old but rare Sailormoon trading cards I got from my best friend, and my Red Cross ID card.

While the Fete is one of the biggest musical events in the country, I wasn’t especially itching to go out that evening. Last time I went to fete was a few years ago when it was a real festival with one day for every musical genre. My BlueRep friends I went to Rocker Day, where a wave of sweaty rakistas catcalled and bowed before me as I passed. I am not exagerrating, Ren can vouch for this.

So last Saturday instead of Fete, I attended a quiet little gathering for the birthday of one my ye olde college roommates, followed by drinks with Lauren and Marco. Maybe it’s my age, or my growing hermitage, but I enjoyed those more and didn’t feel like I missed out on much from Fete.

What’s Up, Coconut?

Summer raket season is over. The Worlds and Words class of Pocketful of Kids ended with a bang. Congratulations to the class of Summer 2009! I’m very proud of you!

My article on XBX Katipunan is out on the latest issue of Playground Magazine, pick that up at your nearest bookstore!

Harana wrapped a successful run in Manila and Amsterdam. Congratulations!

As term ends for a bulk of my ESL classes, I’m looking and praying for more paying projects. Some short projects have come up, I should stop procrastinating and start working on them.