Don’t hack it till you’ve seen it: MMFF 2012

Some of its movies are better than its logo

Some of its movies are better than its logo

Movies watched: Shake, Rattle, and Roll: The Invasion, Thy Womb, and Sisterakas.

There are many things wrong with the Philippine movie industry, but it’s not fair to dismiss ANY and ALL Pinoy films as exceptionally awful. I am personally not a big fan of the concept of the Metro Manila Filmfest but I appreciate the attempt. Let’s just hope that the reforms currently explored by small and big film companies alike make way so we won’t need an MMFF to get Pinoys to watch their own.

The lesson learned with MMFF 2012: sometimes, there’s a good reason why ticket sales soar with some titles, but don’t with others. Big studios may smudge the numbers for the press, but audience lines don’t lie. It’s not always artistically founded but it represents a need that moviemakers may want to consider when taking on their next project.

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I tried it! The KFC Cheesetop Burger

KFC Cheesetop burger should work for cheese lovers, in theory. I like my burgers, I love cheese, the idea wasn’t completely appalling. I wonder why most of the criticism came from people who enjoyed Luther Burgers and deep fried twinkies…

So I headed out to the neighborhood KFC to try it out.

This is what the Cheesetop looks like, unwrapped

I was warned by fastfood junkie friends who gave it a go that the cheese did not taste like cheese.

Upon unwrapping, there was more cheese than I thought, which I appreciated.

But after the first bite, the foodies were right, it had the consistency and flavor of plastic. Even Easy Cheese tasted cheesier than this.

For the curious, I was able to eat it like a normal burger, without the cheese sticking to my fingers.

Past the novelty of the cheesetop, it was just an ordinary chicken burger. Not something I’d order again, even for PHP50.

And dammit to hell, they phased out the double down for this.

Bon Appetit! Creme Brulee and Macarons from Chez Karine

Chez Karine sweetened up my mid-week when they sent over some macarons and creme brulee.

Pardon the pictures, I was at the mercy of the office fluorescent and my phone cam.


The cute packaging had me cooing in incoherent fake French. And I was not disappointed by what was inside!

I. Macarons by Chez Karine


I am used to locally-made macarons having a crunchy outside and a candied inside. This was melt-in-your-mouth love. The covering had just the right kind of chewy, not overly crisp, and the inside flavoring felt like butter to the taste. I even enjoyed the fruit flavored macarons (strawberry, and what I think is a mango-passion fruit mix) – which I usually turn away for the chocolate and coffee flavors.

This, by far, has to be the best set of macarons I ever sunk my teeth into.

II. Creme Brulee by Chez Karine


I braced myself for this. I am a huge fan of the creme brulee, and managed expectations upon seeing that they were pre-packed. The Amelie in me missed cracking the top open.

The standard creme brulee flavor (center jar) had a taste of that crispy top with the syrup at the bottom. It’s creme brulee to go, definitely, but it hit the spot. It’s not to be dismissed as your average leche flan or kitchen pudding, however. It’s a little bit of heaven, in all it’s rich, creamy goodness with each spoonful.

I thought I’d have a bit to taste at first, then blinked and found I had gobbled it all up.

I am particular about my favorite desserts, but this proved me wrong. Heck, writing this all down makes me crave some more.

Thank God Chez Karine is opening a cafe in Serendra, Taguig, on June 24, 2012. I can hardly wait to go there, girl friends and boyfriend in tow, for coffee and confectionary dates.

Pictures are a blessing

I don’t see myself as a photographer. I write, I manage stuff, and so far I prefer to hone my skills there. What I don’t have (and so far have no desire to claim) is that certain anal attention to detail that most professional photographers embrace.

I just like how a story can be told in one shot.

In any case, uploading and organizing photos from my last trip, and a previous event, have been a good reminder for the more turbulent parts of life. Picking shots to show points out, “Look, it’s not all crap. It might even get better from here.”

More shots can be viewed at my photoblog: miiShots. I am also on instagram as miicam.

[Review] The Avengers

I can’t review this movie objectively since I am its target market. I’m personally not a big fan of Marvel and DC comics, but I grew up with my share of 1960s Marvel cartoons and Superfriends. To top it all off, this movie is directed by Joss Whedon, who I’ve loved since Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Thing is, in the adaptation hype of the last few years, it’s very rare that the directors get it right (ahem Michael Bay and Transformers). For once, they picked wisely, as Joss Whedon is a comic book fan and has penned work for X-Men and Superman/Batman, to name a few. The Avengers movie was clearly Joss Whedon’s love letter to the comic book. You can see it in every frame.

Personally, I love it. Geek or not, give it a watch. It is at the very least, fun. In this infernal summer heat, you need fun.

Go. Book your ticket. Drag your friends and family. Just watch it.

[Day 20] A hobbie of yours

Pictures by the ever-lovely Rej Rosero.

Typo is not mine, I blame the original meme writer.

But yes, I am a geek. You can witness all fangirl geekery in its un-glory over at the fan tumblr. You can also catch me at Committee Geekfight once a month.

Viva Filipinas Futbol

Why football? Because, as the script says, the sport says so much about the Filipino spirit.

Sometimes, it’s that one goal that makes all the difference.

Co-written with Nikki del Carmen.

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“Football had come a long way from its home in England. 

The sport had won the hearts of those outside of Europe, even in parts of Asia. 

Japan and Korea are recognized leaders in the game, and most of Southeast Asia followed and loved the beautiful game.

But in the Philippines, it began with one team.

A team that sought to make a name for themselves, even when few else followed their sport.

While most of the country found their heroes and medals in basketball, boxing, or billiards, they kept on playing football. 

They trained, they played to win, even when they were ignored.  

Even when they hit their lowest, they never gave up. 

Then came 2010, the AFF Suzuki Cup.

They swept through the group stages, undefeated.

Then came the game when they conquered defending champion, Vietnam.

For the first time ever, in the history of the team, they reached the semi-finals.

The news hit home, word spread, the country finally took notice. 

They cheered! 

No longer ignored, more people tuned in to follow the team as they prepared for their semi-finals. Bars and restaurants filled with fans, new and old, wanting to catch a glimpse of the game.

To everyone’s dismay, they were defeated. But, it was only the beginning. 

They may have lost the tournament, but won an even bigger battle: the hearts of their countrymen.

They left the country as underdogs, but came home accepted by many as Filipino champions. 

A team which started out as nobodies came home heroes.

And at THAT moment, it felt that Football was here to stay.

And sure, what does the Philippines know about Football? 

Not a lot, definitely.

But just like that one team, we WILL persevere, and we WILL overcome.

Because THAT is who we are, THAT is our story.”


Film by Nikki del Carmen

Written by Nikki del Carmen and Mia Marci

VO by Ebong Joson, the Blue Haired Fanatic

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